La Joya Única is present in numerous markets throughout Spain

Here you will find the dates and locations of all our events.

Market "Las Bodas de Isabel" (Isabel's Wedding)

  • Location: Teruel
  • Date: Mid-February

Medieval market of La Adrada

  • Location: Ávila
  • Date: May 1st Bridge

Medieval market of Ibiza

  • Location: Ibiza
  • Date: Mid May

Market Tres Culturas

  • Location: Zaragoza
  • Date: 3rd weekend of June

“Feira das marabillas”

  • Location: A Coruña
  • Date: June 25th, Santiago's day

Arab souk of Vitoria

  • Location: Francisco Juan de Ayala Square
  • Date: Festivities of the Virgen Blanca, from August 4th to August 9th.

Medieval Market of Puebla de Sanabria

  • Location: Puebla de Sanabria, Zamora
  • Date: Bridge of August 15

Medieval market of Jaca

  • Location: Jaca, Huesca
  • Date: Last weekend of August

Medieval market of Avila

  • Location: Ávila
  • Date: First weekend of September

Majadahonda Medieval Market

  • Location: Madrid
  • Date: Mid-September

Medieval market of Vitoria

  • Location: Old Town of Vitoria
  • Date: Last weekend of September

Medieval market of Burgos

  • Location: Burgos
  • Date: 1st or 2nd weekend in October

Cervantino Market of Alcalá de Henares

  • Location: Madrid
  • Date: Coinciding with the 12th of October

We work with infinity of stones.

We work with an infinity of stones; from Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Coral, Jade... and others covered with tradition and history, along with others less known but not less important; Rhodochrosite, Amazonite, Rose Quartz from Madagascar... and including in our collection gems of great category like Emerald, Ruby, Watermelon Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Opal etc. All of them mixed and dressed with sterling silver.

There are some pieces that do not belong to our workshop, they are selected in our travels because they deserve to reach you accompanying and embellishing our collection.

So, we invite you to know our catwalk, a mixture of charm, seduction and emotion, knowing that some pendant, ring, bracelet or necklace will be waiting to be found by you, its true owner.

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