About us

The unique Jewel,
inspired by our personal quest

Life is full of jewels that we must know how to recognize and find. Starting from the valuation of oneself, where there is the most valuable Unique Jewel that exists, to the contact with the rest of the jewels, all of them of inestimable value.

La Joya Única, born from the training and experience of a workshop with more than 40 years in Ibiza, in the exciting world of gems and design. And with that transmission we Curro and Milagros, follow the steps of putting all our love and passion in the search and combination of gems.  We discovered that each gem is unique. There is no one alike. We have learned to search and choose those that speak to us, that have personality, to set them with conscience and elegance in a guaranteed sterling silver.  

  La Joya Única has more than twenty years of experience in the jewelry workshop, serving customers throughout Spain in thematic and craft markets and about five years ago through the WEB.

  At the moment the workshop of La Joya Única is located in Seville, a city of mystery, magic and passion.  The legends of the Guadalquivir River, stories seasoned by the mixture of cultures, art and ingenuity, accompany us in our designs and our creations.

Gems with tradition and history.

At La Joya Única we travel for our gems.

Most of the parts are produced in our own workshop.

You can find and/or order different qualities of the same gemstone.

As well as proposing an exclusive design for you

We work with infinity of stones.

We work with an infinity of stones; from Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Coral, Jade... and others covered with tradition and history, along with others less known but not less important; Rhodochrosite, Amazonite, Rose Quartz from Madagascar... and including in our collection gems of great category like Emerald, Ruby, Watermelon Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Opal etc. All of them mixed and dressed with sterling silver.

There are some pieces that do not belong to our workshop, they are selected in our travels because they deserve to reach you accompanying and embellishing our collection.

So, we invite you to know our catwalk, a mixture of charm, seduction and emotion, knowing that some pendant, ring, bracelet or necklace will be waiting to be found by you, its true owner.